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Let's be honest, on any given weck our lives and all of its activities can get pretty busy. Regardless of what industry, career or area that you may find yourself involved in, the desire to be successful at what we do is a reality. No one wants to be doing something that they're not being recognized, rewarded and experiencing growth in. Its just not practical. Therefore, we spend a great deal of our time working to cultivate and build those specific areas of our lives so that the aforementioned can be the outcome. In addition, add into the equation family, friends, lifes demands, and other responsibilities. The real

question is, at the end of the day or the end of the weck, "What time has been invested in building us?"


Building Me, While I'm Building It gathers the experiences, wisdom, stories and voices of individuals

from various walks oflife and industries. This anthology project is a safe place for the reader as the authors share transparently the struggles and also the joys of building in life while building up themselves. It is a must have resource for every person that refuses to crumble at the expense of what theyre building. Prepare to be inspired, encouraged, challenged and strengthened.

Building Me While I'm Building It e-Book

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